WordPress website maintenance

Recently I have been doing an increasing amount of WordPress website maintenance work for clients. Website maintenance is essential, particularly if you are using a content management system such as WordPress for your website. Why is WordPress website maintenance essential? If you don’t keep you WordPress software and plugins up-to-date then you have an increased … Continued

How to add Google Structured Data to WordPress menus

This blog post will help you add Google structured data to WordPress navigation menus. This blog post is aimed at those who have some knowledge of programming WordPress themes and is specifically about adding structured data to WordPress navigation menus. Adding SiteNavigationElement schema to WordPress navigation menus The problem What do you do when the … Continued

What is a custom WordPress theme?

I spend most of my time developing custom WordPress themes for my clients but what is a custom WordPress theme? First of all, what is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system that is a fantastic base for building websites. It has an administrator dashboard that makes it relatively easy for those with no programming … Continued

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