My name’s Elizabeth Freeman.  I live in a village near Melksham in Wiltshire where I work as a freelance web developer from a small office accompanied by two dogs and a loud, demanding cat.

I have a degree in Maths, Modelling and Computing and my first job was with an actuarial firm in Surrey.  I quickly found that pensions calculations did not greatly interest me but I enjoyed the computing side of work.  Over the next few years I moved into more computing and business analysis roles working on a leakage control system with a water company and on a milk recording system for dairy farmers.  As well as enjoying the technical challenges I liked meeting people and finding out about their businesses.

Around 1998 I started creating websites which was very exciting.  Initially websites were fairly static but over the years website owners have needed more control over their site content and management.  These days everyone expects to have a website that they can change for themselves and website owners are recognising the importance of having a web strategy including social media and email newsletters to ensure that their site is constantly evolving and reaching out to customers and potential clients.

With technology always changing, websites need to move with the times.  These days more websites are viewed on smartphones than on desktop computers, so today’s websites have to be responsive to browser size so that they look good and load fast on mobiles as well as work well on large screens.

I’m friendly, approachable and supportive so get in touch for a chat whether this is your first website and you’re not quite sure what to ask for or you’re a seasoned pro who knows exactly what they want.

I work with many local clients from Melksham, Bath, Bradford-on-Avon, Corsham, Trowbridge and Devizes. However, I also work regularly with clients who are further afield: Kent, London, Basingstoke, Hampshire and Scotland etc. so don’t let geographical distance put you off getting in touch.

Think we could work together?

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