Mark Jordan

Architect Website Design. A WordPress website with a filterable portfolio section for the architect, Mark Jordan


I received the following from a designer who I often collaborate with:

Mark is an architect with a very old website originated in Flash BUT he has been given a gift of a WordPress ‘architect’ template site and now needs an update. He doesn’t have the time to set it all up and wants to know if we can help with the initial site update/set up. All content can be copied over from the Flash site and he can supply anything else that’s required (copy or images).

I looked at the WordPress theme that Mark had been given but it didn’t fit well with his branding or with the content that he already had and it wasn’t a responsive theme so the site would look terrible on mobiles which is just not acceptable these days.

I suggested that it would be easier to create a custom WordPress theme for the business and Mark gave me the go ahead.


I created a custom WordPress theme to look very similar to Mark’s existing site which I thought had a good design but just wasn’t functioning very well.  The new, improved site has a fabulous filterable portfolio section so that clients can easily find and focus on the type of designs they are interested in.

Mark has been able to add new projects to his portfolio section and is pleased with the control he now has over the content of his site.