Muso Mirror

eCommerce website in one week


Muso Mirror already had a website but it had only been developed to test the market and only had one product on it.

Muso Mirror had recently expanded its product range and wanted a professional eCommerce shop that showed it to be a bigger enterprise with customers all over the world.

At the time that Muso Mirror first contacted me they were about to exhibit at the Music & Drama Education Expo in London Olympia only 10 days later.   This meant the site had to be up and running very quickly.


I recommended the Shopify eCommerce platform to Muso Mirror because the online shop needed to be live as soon as possible.

Muso Mirror already had their own logo and professional photos of their products as well as a promotional video. All that was left for me to do was to design the shop, enter all the content and set up billing and shipping.

The entire eCommerce site was created in one week and the first order was placed by a USA customer only half an hour after the new site went live.