Chalk & Son

WordPress theme for a 'Man with a van' website


This ‘man with a van’ website was created for a new start up. Craig White, the owner of Chalk & Son sent a clear brief for the project:

The main aim of this brief is to establish a site which is simplistic in its format, easy to negotiate for the end user. It should look traditional with an established family business feel and in essence, ‘Friendly and easy to deal with us’.

The site will be informative with the pages opening to clear and concise examples of the services we offer. We want it to feel friendly, informative and uncluttered!

We want to present a friendly, helpful customer friendly face, offering good value and guidance through the process.

All pages should promote links for contacting us. We need to have links to call us and e-mail us on each page.


I used an expert brand designer to take charge of the branding for this website. She designed the Chalk & Son logo and the icons for the site, all which help create a friendly persona which Craig was keen to promote. Plenty of white space helps give the site an uncluttered feel.

The site is easy to navigate and has clear ‘calls to action’ on each page with the phone number prominent at the top and bottom of every page and a contact form on the side of each page.

I created a custom WordPress theme for the website design so that Craig has full control over the site content.