First Positions

WordPress theme for production staff agency, First Positions


First Positions is an agency for production staff in the TV and film industry. First Positions already had a website but it didn’t work at all well on smartphones and Jane Fleury, the owner of First Positions, and her staff were unable to edit the site content themselves which was frustrating for them as their phone number and address had recently changed.

The old site was quite dark and the navigation of the site was complicated and not very user friendly.


I created a completely new style of site using the existing First Positions logo. The new site is far brighter and friendlier. I built the website as a bespoke WordPress theme so that Jane and her staff have full control over the site content and are even able to write their own blog posts, which show on the home page of the site. The ‘Our People’ section of the site enables the viewer to find the staff that they require.

First Positions is very pleased with the new site:

Wow it looks great, actually it is bloody brilliant!